ORIGINAL 60s artwork
  • Made in USA
  • 100% unbleached premium cotton
  • Classic stylish cut
  • Fine rib neck
  • Taped neck seam to help keep shape and structure
  • Sizes: Small (36-38), Medium (38-40), Large (42-44) XLarge (44-46).
This artwork comes exactly from an original late 60's vintage T, which embodies the cultural influences of the time in the style and design.

The Eastman Sportswear classic tee is manufactured in the USA - the home of Tees - using premium quality unbleached 100% cotton, with the perfect classic cut and construction. The sensible cut is not body-cling tight, and not baggy either with sleeves like flags. It is the most flattering of all cuts with just the right shape and drape.
Price: £49.99