• Made in USA
  • 100% unbleached premium cotton
  • Classic stylish cut
  • Fine rib neck
  • Taped neck seam to help keep shape and structure
  • Sizes: Small (36-38), Medium (38-40), Large (42-44) XLarge (44-46).
The classic plain white T-shirt is a staple garment for any mans clothing drawer as it goes with so many casual clothes - from shirts to jeans and leather jackets - they are the perfect under-garment.

They key is to find a good quality maker. One that doesn’t stretch out of shape by the second time you wear it, and one that will go through the wash countless times and still look good.

The Eastman Sportswear classic tee is manufactured in the USA - the home of Tees - using premium quality unbleached 100% cotton, with the perfect classic cut and construction. The sensible cut is not body-cling tight, and not baggy either with sleeves like flags. It is the most flattering of all cuts with just the right shape and drape.

We have taken absolute care to get the classic cut and quality of fabric made to perfection to give you a Tee you will turn to time after time. You may well find having a good stock of these in your drawer is a must if you’re a regular wearer of this kind of garment.
Price: £39.99