• 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Loop-wheel tube body construction
  • Overlock and flat-sewn seams
Produced exclusively for ELMC by the John Lofgren workshops of Japan.

These hooded sweats are constructed in a typical vintage 1940s style where the hood and pockets are sewn directly onto a normal plain 'V' front sweat showing raw edges. This was the traditional method for college and military sportswear hooded sweats during that era.
Constructed using classic mid-20th Century methods and machinery, these superb sweats are made on 'hanging Loop-wheel' knitting machines, of which only a handful are still operational today.

These machines are notoriously hard to operate and need constant attention and adjusting even while in operation. They’re prone to breaking down and only produce about one meter of material per hour.

Why still use them? The fleece material it produces is second to none in softness and comfort. The combination of slow weaving, needle type (only one company in the world still produces this particular needle) and hanging machine method which does not stretch the material into a roll but lets it lay and gather, produces a material that cannot be made on high speed knitting machines.

The fitting is neat and close - not baggy, but not skin tight.

Available in sizes 38 - 46.
Price: £139.99