• Bench-made and hand-stiched
  • Hand-dyed
  • 11oz 100% Oak-Bark Tanned hide
  • Solid brass buckle
  • Olive Drab waxed linen thread
  • Canvas & Webbing carry case
In collaboration with Hawkmoth Leather Co. of the UK, we are very pleased to offer these incredible ‘Memento Mori’ belts.

Entirely hand-made by this exclusive UK belt maker the Memento Mori (Remember Death) pays thought to the ancient philosophy of remembering that life is transient and there is more to living than the earthly pursuit of goods and vanity.

The hide used for these belts is sourced locally in our home county of Devon UK, and tanned using an age old method known as ‘Oak-Bark’ tanning. This is literally the oldest form of veg-tanning known to mankind and is an incredibly long process. It takes more than 12 months to tan each hide, using literally 3-year-aged dry bark cuttings to create that tan liquor. It is the last known tannery in the UK that produces leather this way, and understandably it is only made in very limited quantities and is thus very expensive.

Coupled with this incredible hide is the use of the highest quality brass hardware and Hawkmoth’s mastercraftsmonship, producing a utility belt that will last a lifetime and looks better with every day of vintage patina it takes on.
Price: £199.99