The Signal Depot for ELMC
  • Tigerstripe Messenger bag
  • Recycled original vintage military materials and components
  • Hand-made
  • One-off as no two are exactly the same in materials and patina
  • Laptop compartment - padded
  • Size: 38 x 30 x 12 cm
In collaboration with the Signal Depot USA, we are delighted to present this stunning range of hand-made utilitarian, military-inspired bags, made exclusively for ELMC.

Each bag is individually created using reclaimed original ex-military fabrics and hardware. Every piece of material and component is authentic military vintage - WWII USMC camo, US Navy Denim, US Army webbing straps, pouches, buckles and zips - all put together into totally unique, strong functional designs which look as impressive as they are useful.

The Signal Depot creations are the work of one individual - Rob Lihani. Rob sources the materials, creates the designs and makes them one at a time by his own hand, combining functionality with artistic design.

As one can imagine, they are made in very limited numbers due to the nature of the materials and the time they take to be produced by one pair of hands. They are unique, useful, tough, eye-catching and extremely exclusive - to own one is to have something very special.
Price: £449.99 - SOLD