• 100% 'Raffy' cotton
  • Loop-wheel, tube construction (no side seam)
  • Ecru with navy blue rings
  • 1970s inspired, racing No1 print
  • Available in sizes 36 - 46
Produced exclusively for ELMC by the John Lofgren workshops of Japan. The expertise in making such a garment is really only found in one place in the world these days, and John Lofgren is the master.

These t-shirts are created using a thread that was developed in Japan that replicated the look and feel of vintage fabric, called Raffy. It is a combination of American Supima, Egyptian and Turfan cottons. Because these cottons all have different length staples (fibers), the thread has a distinctive texture of vintage fabric. The body section is produced on vintage circular knitting machines - one company produces the body tube, and another makes the ribbing, each specializing in their own field of expertise. The cost is naturally much more expensive than regular mass produced material, but the finished product is superior.
Price: £69.99