Cumpas turquoise STORMCROW SILVER for ELMC

These beautiful, one-off, hand-made pieces are produced exclusively for ELMC by STORMCROW SILVER. Utilising original vintage components of Native American origin each piece is entirely unique. Painstakingly sourced and assembled, they embody the essence of old America and the freedom of the big country.


Data sheet

Handmade sterling silver with Cumpas turquoise pendant with 2 sterling balls on a reworked oxidised sterling silver chain with hand made sterling silver link and brass link (Pendant measures 1” x 1/2” including bail)
Handmade sterling silver arrow (2” long)
Handmade sterling silver lightly textured bar pendant (1 1/4” x 1/4”)
1930s Indian head Nickel
Steel spacer
Necklace measure 24”, excluding pendants