• 100% Slub yarn cotton
  • Loop-wheel, tube construction (no side seam)
  • Ecru shade (slight off-white)
  • Mil spec cover stitch-style and turn-back
  • Exact reproduction US Army size stamp
  • Available in sizes 36 - 44
For those who appreciate the subtle fine details and quality of a vintage garment, and therefore the absolute authenticity of a high-end reproduction, the US Army T is sure to delight; this is the definitive, design-classic, basic white T of all time.

Many will be familiar with the US Navy plain white T we released some while ago - this US Army counterpart is made to the same degree of authenticity and quality. Needless to say there is very little difference between the two models, but we like to provide the two versions as there are some subtle differences, and in the interest of authenticity we like to get it dead right. Most noticeably this the neck stamp. The US Army had just a simple size mark, whereas the US Navy version carried a USN contract number as well.
Price: £59.99