• 100% 'Raffy' Cotton
  • Loop-wheel, tube construction (no side seam)
  • Bottle-green shade perfectly matched to wartime original
  • Mil spec. stitch-style
  • Authentic USMC size neck stamp
  • Available in sizes 36 - 44
This is our second recreation of a classic wartime vintage T - the USMC version in bottle green. Researched, developed and manufactured in Japan by the best in the business.

Manufactured with a special thread called ‘Raffy’, which is a combination of American Supima cotton, Egyptian cotton and Turfan cotton, it replicates the look and feel of vintage fabric. Because these cottons all have different length staples, the thread has a distinctive texture that is similar to vintage fabric. This specialised thread is then woven on rare vintage circular knitting machines, so the body is a complete tube with no side seam, known as ‘body-size’ - just like the originals.

Finally, the dying and sewing construction is impeccably matched to the original, rendering a recreation that is second-to-none.

Many of these found their way onto civvy street in the post-war years, gracing the backs of hot-rodders and bikers. Original examples are almost impossible to find, and are sought after greatly by classic clothing and militaria collectors alike.

Available in sizes 36 - 42
Price: £59.99