Medium-weight, warm, durable
  • Italian, premium grade, veg-tanned, aniline Horsehide
  • American top-stitched seams
  • 100% quilted EndZone twill lining - a custom-made very high quality fabric exclusive to ELMC
  • Lancer front closure
  • Dull-nickel vintage metal zips
  • 100% cotton-drill pocket linings
  • Shuttle-loom woven labels
  • 100% cotton, 4-ply thread
  • Available in sizes 36 - 46
  • LONG fittings are also available in each of the listed sizes by special request. However, they are non-returnable unlike Regular sizes. If you wish to order a LONG please contact us.
This style is taken directly from a 1940s original. Originally produced by one of America's traditional 20th Century greats - Montgomery Ward - it exudes quality in material and design from every seam.

Neat American top-stitched seams to the side-panels and inside facings are exactly as per the original. This style of seaming (often faked by just two rows of normal flat-bed sewing) requires a special machine (an original 1940s Union Special in this case), which covers from underneath, allowing the seam to be folded out flush, but keeping strength, thus giving the garment a very tidy and smooth finish.

The outline pocket is piped inside with leather, not cloth cord, which in turn is sewn with an American top-stitch to hold securely. The quilted lining (which runs through body and sleeves) is 100% rayon-satin, backed with a 3mm 100% wool fill - not polyester, or other such synthetic hollow-fill - allowing it to breath, thus giving a true glowing warmth, and not a trapped hot one. The cut is reasonably close when zipped up, making it perfect for motorcyling or other open-air road pursuits - the sewn-in half belt around the back holds the garment snug into the small of your back helping to ensure the drafts don't get in.

A stunning piece of classic 1940s clothing design.

Price: £1,299.99